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About a company

A "supermarket of the real estate is the Square meter" and rieltorska office «Partner» in town Chernivtsi. We work from 2007 year complex of services in different operations with the real estate in Chernivtsyakh, to Ukraine and abroad.
Our basic services:
   a purchase and sale, exchange of apartments is in new buildings;
 it is a purchase and sale, exchange of apartments, houses;
 it is a sale of out-of-town houses and summer residences;
 it is a sale and purchase of, of the commercial real estate;
 it is a sale of lands of lots;
 it is the mortgage crediting of habitation;
   Suggestions of the housing and commercial real estate, lands of lots are in ,ʳ,ͳ.
 - to consultation on questions of the real estate;
 are legal services in the sphere of the real estate.We present the complete complex of services all clients in different operations with the real estate.
Possibly, it will seem to someone a good phrase, but for us it is philosophy of life in business which  determines concrete steps to achieving aims. We began with togo, that did the market of the real estate anymore transparent for a client and anymore just in relation to him, and not going to renounce principles, that provided companies mass appeal and financial independence.
Appealing to us, you will always get the complex of professional services of specialists of our agency.


Operative reacting on all change of the state of affairs of market of the real estate.
Vast base of permanent clients-buyers.
Reputation and image of company.
Loyalty in relation to clients.
Large base of these different objects of the real estate.
Successful specialization of activity of Rieltorskoy kantory  on the segments of the real estate.
Constantly operating courses of preparation of personnel on the exclusive teaching programs of agency.
High qualification, professionalism and experience all employees of agency.
Corporate culture of employees.
Low fluidity of shots of Agency.
High-quality service of customers on front-rank technologies and wide spectrum provided concomitant services.
Successful use in work with the clients of publicities, R- and other actions, directed on multiplying sales.

In work with the clients  of Rieltorskaya  of kantora  actively uses the row of successful Programs:
Exclusive service program.
Individual service program.

By new work of Rieltorskoy assignment kantory there is providing developerskikh services, participating in the joint projects of investments with the known companies on building and realization of objects of the real estate . To this major in modern terms sector of activity guidance is spared by the most intent attention and confidently
will realize put before itself and collective  of office of task.
Aspiration to be the best operators of market of the real estate supposes an active forward movement. And it is possible only at the permanent study of the state of affairs of market, consumer demand of clients, on condition of development and introduction of front-rank technologies of work at the level of world standards.

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